A Splash of Greenery, Twickenham


Local gardening and houseplants business with a small blog on houseplants


We were approached to restructured a houseplants blog into a garden business website whilst retaining the blog specifically for indoor plants.


We restructured the layout of the homepage to prominently display the range of services offered, encompassing both garden and houseplants, while relocating the blog to a separate page.
We integrated their Instagram account into their website to drive traffic to the site, which is a crucial aspect of SEO.

The proprietor expressed a preference for a feminine aesthetic to reflect the fact that the business is owned and operated by a woman, and we endeavoured to incorporate this into the design.
The colours and logo design were carefully chosen in accordance with the proprietor’s specifications.

We recommended the inclusion of Google My Business to enhance visibility, but the proprietor opted to rely solely on word of mouth and did not wish to have the business listed locally. Consequently, we solely implemented SEO techniques using our Yoast plugin.


We provided training to A Splash of Greenery on how to incorporate a new blog page onto their website, ensuring consistency with the existing format. Additionally, we taught them on resizing images to ensure compatibility with responsive layouts.


Restructured homepage to highlight expanded services, with a dedicated page for the houseplant blog.
Integrated Instagram for enhanced engagement and SEO benefits.
Tailored design with a feminine touch to reflect proprietor’s ownership.
Focused solely on SEO optimization with Yoast plugin due to proprietor’s preference against local listings.
Carefully selected colors and logo design in line with proprietor’s vision.
Provided comprehensive training on managing the blog and optimizing images for responsive layouts.

Project details:

Year: 2023
Training for updating content










Logo design