About ME

I’m Fran├žoise, a mother of two children (and two dogs), who are gradually becoming more self-sufficient apart from the dogs! With more available time, I’ve decided to pursue a passion of mine: web design.

A bit about me: I came to England in 1996 and started working as an Executive Assistant at the Boston Consulting Group two years after my arrival. I spent nine years there, gaining valuable experience. When I became a mother, I was fortunate to be able to look after my children full-time at home.

Several years ago, I retrained as a web designer, a field I love. I began by creating websites for friends and family. Now, with my children almost grown up, I’m excited to focus on web design full-time and recently refreshed my skills. That’s how FWD started.

I am committed to my clients and I am always available for them. I strive to understand their tastes, personalities, and business needs to create bespoke websites that truly reflect their brands. Recently, I built a website for a charity, and I’m currently working behind the scenes for my clients.

If you need a new website or help with your current one, please feel free to contact me.

Speak to you soon,