Design Case Studies

Our Services include:

1. Visual Branding and User Experience (UX):

  • Cohesive Brand Identity:
    your website’s design should reflect your brand’s personality and target audience. This includes using consistent colors, fonts,and imagery across all pages to create a  memorable user experience.
  • Visual Hierarchy and Focus:
    We  use layout, size,color, and contrast to guide users’ eyes towards the most important information and calls to action.This helps search engines understand what the page is most relevant for.
  • High-Quality Visuals:
    Professional and relevant images, icons, and graphics enhance the user experience and make the content more engaging.

2. Design for Readability and Clarity:

  • Typography and Font Choice:
    Fonts should be easy to read on all devices and at different screen sizes. Using a limited number of well-chosen fonts also contributes to a clean and professional aesthetic.
  • Whitespace and Content Organization:
    Whitespace (empty space) around text and content elements improves readability and prevents overwhelming users.
  • Color Contrast:
    Proper colour contrast between text and background ensures good accessibility for users with visual impairments.This is also a factor search engines consider for user experience.

3. Design Elements for Engagement:

  • Call to Action (CTA):
    Clear and visually appealing CTAs (buttons, prompts) encourage users to take actions on the website, which can be anything from contacting the company to subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Interactive elements:
    Animations, micro-interactions, or other user-friendly design elements can keep visitors engaged and make the website more memorable. However,these elements should be used strategically and not overload the page.

By focusing on these design aspects, we create a websites that are not only visually appealing and user-friendly, but also indirectly contributes to SEO by providing a positive user experience that search engines value.

We also design:

  • logo, social media banners.
The Careers Office

The Careers Office

The Careers Office, LondonCharity helping young people by providing them with the confidence to explore work environments, apply for roles, and maximise their potential while aiding employers in enhancing workforce diversity, equality, and inclusivity through direct...

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Lifeforce Therapy

Lifeforce Therapy

Lifeforce Therapy, TeddingtonCounsellor and hypnotherapy consultant gaining clients via Google my Business Brief We were approached by Linda, who wanted a light and simplistic website to reflect her personality effectively. Her requirements were to incorporate the...

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A Splash of Greenery

A Splash of Greenery

A Splash of Greenery, TwickenhamLocal gardening and houseplants business with a small blog on houseplants Brief We were approached to restructured a houseplants blog into a garden business website whilst retaining the blog specifically for indoor plants. Challenges We...

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Torvius, LondonHelping start-up companies to access the most appropriate form of financing from strategic investors - based in London and trading internationally Brief The founder, Andrew,  wanted a simple, clean,  low cost website with a blog section and had very...

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