Lifeforce Therapy, Teddington

 Counsellor and hypnotherapy consultant gaining clients via Google my Business


We were approached by Linda, who wanted a light and simplistic website to reflect her personality effectively. Her requirements were to incorporate the colours of her logo, which had been designed externally.
Linda emphasised her preference for a cost-effective solution.
As it was Linda’s first website, she was not convinced it would bring her more clients as she is already listed in differents bodies.


We designed a simple website reflecting Linda’s vision and personality ensuring an intuitive and seamless user experience was important to the success of the website. This involved careful consideration of navigation, layout, and functionality to make it easy for visitors to find the information they need and take desired actions.
We sourced local photographs with a sense of calmness to add a personal touch to Linda’s website and reinforced her connection to the local community. ¬†We had to ensure consistency in style, tone and visual aesthetics accross the website.

We strongly recommended linking her website with Google My Business to enhance her online visibility and attract local clients. However, Linda expressed reluctance about publicly displaying her full address due to privacy concerns. Therefore, we found a solution that would maintain her privacy while still leveraging the benefits of Google My Business.
To address Linda’s concerns, we, rather than displaying her precise address, we opted to showcase only her street name on Google My Business. This compromise allowed Linda to remain relatively private while still providing potential clients with a general idea of her location.


Through a strategic blend of website development, Google My Business optimisation, social media integration, and SEO implementation, Linda successfully increased her online visibility as a counsellor and hypnotherapy consultant.
Our tailored approach not only met her objectives but also positioned her as a trusted authority within her niche. As Linda continues to leverage digital platforms to expand her reach and impact, our ongoing support ensures that her online presence remains dynamic and effective in driving business growth and client engagement.
We have recently advised Linda that she could benefit from a webiste revamp with less content and we are back to the drawing board. We are currently waiting for the new content.


Our approach

Understanding Client Needs:
We conducted an in-depth consultation to understand Linda’s objectives and preferences. It became evident that she sought a cost-effective solution to showcase her services online. Additionally, she emphasiesd the importance of aligning her website with her branding, particularly her logo’s colors, to reflect her personality effectively.

Customised Website Development:
In response to Linda’s requirements, we developped a bespoke website that not only met her aesthetic preferences but also aligned with her branding elements. By incorporating the colors and ethos of her logo, we ensured a cohesive online presence that resonated with her target audience. Our focus on simplicity and user experience remained paramount throughout the development process, resulting in a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website.

Strategic Google My Business Optimisation:
Recogniszing the significance of local search visibility, we leveraged Google My Business to amplify Linda’s online presence within her community. Through meticulous optimisation of her GMB profile, we positioned Linda prominently in local search results. As a result, she experienced an influx of qualified leads directed from Google My Business to her website, thereby increasing her client base effectively.

Social Media Integration and Guidance:
Understanding Linda’s inclination towards Instagram, we encourage her to expand her brand’s reach and engagement. By advising her on content creation, audience engagement strategies, and leveraging Instagram’s features such as Stories and Reels, we empowered Linda to harness the platform’s potential fully. Her proactive approach towards utilising Instagram as a marketing tool further amplified her online visibility with her target audience.

SEO Implementation:
To enhance Linda’s website visibility and drive organic traffic, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy. Continuous monitoring and refinement ensured that Linda’s website remained competitive in search engine results, further enhancing her online visibility and accessibility to potential clients.


Project details

Duration: on-going
Date: 2021





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