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The founder, Andrew,  wanted a simple, clean,  low cost website with a blog section and had very strong ideas on how his site should look like. Very little content was provided and we had to source free images.
The purpose of his site was mainly to have his business online when start-ups are looking for investors introduction.
Andrew wanted a blog page which with time would develop into a “news series on innovation”. The blog was mainly published in Linkedin to bring his audience back to his site and improve his SEO. Due to a shift in his company, his blog has not grown for sometime.


We created a simple website which lacks personality.
A blog section was added which purpose was  to bring exposure to the business.

We trained Andrew to add content to his site, especially for his blog, and how to maintain his site monthly to keep it secure and updated as he wanted to take care of it  after completion of the project.


The site has been published and reflects what Andrew’s vision was. We provided free images as he wanted to keep the cost low and made 2 sections for his blog.
With LinkedIn linked to his website, Andrew had been approached many times from companies to be invested in.


Created a simple, cost-effective website with a blog section, aligning with founder Andrew’s vision.
Sourced free images to complement minimal content provided by Andrew.
Focused on establishing an online presence to attract potential investors for start-ups.
Developed a blog page as a platform for Andrew’s “news series on innovation,” leveraging LinkedIn for wider reach and improved SEO.
Despite stagnation in blog growth due to company shifts, provided training for Andrew to independently add and maintain content, ensuring site security and regular updates post-project completion.








Logo design


LinkedIn banner design

Project Details

Low cost website
Training for self-maintening & updating content
Training for self maintaining website