The Careers Office, London

Charity helping young people by providing them with the confidence to explore work environments, apply for roles, and maximise their potential while aiding employers in enhancing workforce diversity, equality, and inclusivity through direct connections with disadvantaged students.


Deborah approached me to design her new website for her charity. Neither Deborah nor her trustees had an idea where to start. So, we opted to explore their competitors’ websites to understand what they liked and disliked about their layouts. At that time, the target audience was corporate businesses.


We created a mock-up for them to provide a clear idea of how it could look. This helped them in generating more content. Once the content was ready, we used the help of our copywriter. We opted to incorporate a gradient to blend the two colors of the logo, resulting in a vibrant and youthful layout. As the build progressed, the audience evolved to include both corporate and students. We ensured that the site is designed to grow over time, and would appeal to both demographics.


The site has just been released, and we are currently focusing on SEO optimisation. We advised TCO to change their domain to “.org” instead of “” to increase their ranking. They are now an official charity since May 24.
We are finalising the contact page which will include a form but no format has been decided yet, as they are deliberating on what they want.

This site is the start of a big project and the charity will get exposure in the press when they are more established.

Our approach

Domain: We advised TCO that their competitors are using “.org” for their domains, and suggested they change their domain to “” as it can potentially improve their rank in Google, especially considering they now a charity organisation since May 24.

Research and Analysis: We conducted extensive research into the charity’s target audience, competitors, and best practices in the nonprofit sector.
We developed several design concepts, incorporating feedback from the charity’s team to ensure the final design aligned with their brand and goals.

Development and Testing: We built the website using responsive design principles to ensure compatibility across all devices.

Content Creation and Optimisation: We worked closely with the charity to create compelling content that effectively communicated their mission, impact, and calls to action. Our copywriter played a role in the content.

SEO Implementation: We have optimising the website for search engines to improve visibility and attract organic traffic with on and off page/image optimisation.

Project details:

Duration: on-going